Jan 22, 2014

B2B Update 1/22/14

Mestre Acordeon and Mestra Suelly's B2B group, bicycling from Berkeley to Brazil, is in Oaxaca, or has just left, heading south. Acordeon and Suelly, both capoeira masters, are old friends of mine, and although I have never been a capoerista, I have great respect for the art form. One of these days I'll put up a post about my years playing music with Acordeon (aka Bira Almeida). 

The B2B project will document regional capoeira practices and music at their stops at the many capoeira schools that they will visit in their year-long trip from California to Brazil.

Here's a gig story from my days playing with Bira, previously posted here. 

You can get some sense of their project at these links:

B2B Facebook page

Rider blogs:

http://onegameonetime.blogspot.com/ (some nice essays from B2B rider "Pirata" - recommended)

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