Mar 2, 2011

Here We Go

It's about time! I'll be posting some gig stories, jazz theory articles, sometimes a concert review - stuff like that. I promise an amusing gig story in the next post, and sometime in the next week or two I'm hoping to write up some thoughts on how to improvise on Wayne Shorter tunes.

I'm a saxophonist and clarinetist in Mountain View, California (yes, home of Google). My musical training was initially classical, then straight-ahead jazz. Along the way I picked up an interest in Brazilian music. You can read a short bio here.

I teach at Hope Street Music Studios, and coach two adult jazz combo classes, one at the studio, the other at Moffett Field (home of the Google Air Force).

For now, those of you who are interested might check out a couple of articles on my studio website: "100 'Must Know' Jazz Tunes," and "Adjusting Saxophone and Clarinet Reeds."

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